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Salim Review

Salim (Vijay Antony) is an honest and simple doctor working in a private hospital; he often goes out of his ways to help the needy patients that come to him. His talent and nature earn wrath and jealousy of his colleagues. One day, he learns that someone is stalking him. He finds that it is Nisha (Aksha Pardasany) his suitor, doing a background check on his character. Salim directly goes to Nisha and gives his personal diary for her to learn more about him. This response from him impresses Nisha so much and she falls in love with Salim. As their relationship progresses, she learns that Salim has dedicated himself to his work, so much so that he fails to take care of her and spend time with her thus creating a rift between them. So to reconcile with Nisha, Salim plans to spend a whole day with her. They go to a movie theatre and some goons tease Nisha, but Salim, instead of fighting back, chooses to take Nisha and leave the place. Nisha gets offended by this and starts to ignore Salim and his phone calls. Meanwhile, the hospital’s Managing Director give Salim a warning to stop refusing fees from patients as it affects the hospital’s income. Few days later, Salim manages to convince Nisha and they renew their relationship. Nisha asks Salim to go to a party with her and he agrees. But when he is on the way, he sees a young girl, a gang rape victim, who is hurt and bleeding on the road. He takes her to the hospital and misses the party. Nisha loses her temper and breaks up with him. The next day, Salim finds that the girl he admitted has been discharged from the hospital. He learns that his boss has discharged the girl as she is poor and unable to pay the cost. The same evening, he gets an invitation to a party from his hospital. There he learns that his MD has had enough of his charity and generosity at the hospital’s cost and that he is being laid off, and it is his own farewell party. He is also insulted by his boss for not using his talent and reputation to earn money. Salim storms out of the party in rage. On the way, he gets into a scuffle with a cop and hits him, ending up in the police station. But he escapes from the station with the cop’s pistol, and goes straight to a hotel. There he finds four men trying to rape the hotel singer. He beats them up and helps the girl leave. Saying that they have to learn their lesson, Salim takes them hostage inside the room. One of the men is the son of the Home Minister, so the police, led by officer Chezhian are pressurized to take immediate action. The police find out Salim’s identity and raid his home, where they find his wedding cards and learn about Nisha. They take Nisha into custody and take her to the hotel, where she meets Mr. Chezhian and explains Salim’s character and that he is not a terrorist to take hostages. The police plan to use Nisha as bait and capture Salim but they fail to do so. When Salim demands the presence of the Home Minister at the hotel. Meanwhile a police sniper takes a shot at Salim which he misses and Salim in retaliation, throws one of the men out of a window. He tells Chezhian to take him seriously to avoid more disastrous results. Hearing this, the Minister comes to the hotel to save his son and hear Salim’s demand. A whole day passes as they wait for response and Salim finally reveals that these four men have previously raped another poor girl, the one he found on the road and treated. He demands that the Minister give a public apology for his son’s behaviour or face serious consequences. When the Minister hesitates to agree, Salim threatens to harm another hostage. Fearing that another man might be thrown out of the window, the police stand in their positions, but they find one chopped finger thrown out. The Minister gives an apology to the media, in front of the public, and agrees to any punishment given by the law to the culprits and that he will not use his political influence in the matter. Salim realises that he will not be left alive by the Minister once he lets go of the hostages. So he demands a car for him to leave and tells the police not to follow him. This time the Minister arranges a car that is fixed with a bomb and remote detonator. Salim continues to hold the Minister’s son hostage and gets into the latter’s car instead. Later the Minister receives a call from his son, telling that Salim left him in the middle of nowhere and escaped. The Minister orders his men to bring his son back and to kill Salim who has driven away and make it look like an automobile accident. The men chase the car with trucks and crash into it, only to find that is was Salim who chose to leave the car and it was the Minister’s son who was driving inside.

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